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I collaborated with the BODE brand team on a video marketing for e-commerce plan as part of a comprehensive online brand revamp. As part of the plan, we conducted thorough market research to identify consumer trends and preferences, allowing us to tailor the video content to meet the team's target audience's needs.

One of the key deliverables was a series of attention-grabbing promotional clips, including these dynamic motion graphics. The motion graphics featured a combination of bold typography, many shades of green, and sleek animation to convey the brand's modern and sustainable persona. As a result, I successfully effectively communicated the brand's message and generated buzz among the target audience. Additionally, I distributed the videos across relevant social media platforms and collaborated with influencers to maximize the campaign's reach and impact.

These promotional graphics exemplify my commitment to elevating brand presence and driving audience engagement through visually compelling storytelling. Overall, my video marketing efforts proved highly successful, resulting in a significant increase in website traffic and sales revenue for the BODE brand.


Technology Education


Oct 2022


Campaign Management
Ad Optimization

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