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Real Estate Website Design

Beam yourself into the future with Dilithium Real Estate, where a Star Trek fan boldly goes where no fan has gone before.... real estate website design.

Real Estate Website Design
Project Brief

As a web designer, showcasing my skills through captivating portfolio projects is essential to attracting potential clients and showcasing my capabilities. One memorable project that allowed me to demonstrate my expertise was redesigning the Squarespace website of a Portland, OR based real estate agent.


Dilithium Real Estate


Web Designer,
Content Migration


January 2022

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Boldly Selling Homes: A Real Estate Website Design for a Star Trek fan

Migrating and redesigning the Squarespace website for a real estate agent in Portland was a challenging yet rewarding experience.The project required me to not only showcase the properties in an engaging manner but also to highlight the agent's expertise and professionalism. By incorporating high-quality images, clear property descriptions, and easy navigation, I was able to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website that showcased the agent's listings effectively.

Through this project, I was able to demonstrate my skills in web design, user experience, and attention to detail, which ultimately enhanced my portfolio and attracted potential clients seeking similar services.

Engage in Boldly Selling Homes with a Trekkie Twist

In order to showcase this project effectively in my web design portfolio, I focused on creating a visually striking project showcase that highlighted the key features and successes of the website redesign. I included before-and-after images to demonstrate the improvements made, along with detailed descriptions of the design process and challenges overcome.

By using a clean and modern layout, incorporating testimonials from the real estate agent, and showcasing the final results, I was able to create a compelling portfolio entry that effectively showcased my skills as a web designer. This project entry not only served as a testament to my abilities but also helped to attract potential clients interested in similar website redesign services.


Overall, migrating and redesigning the Squarespace website of a real estate agent in Portland was a valuable experience that allowed me to showcase my skills and attract potential clients through my web design portfolio. By focusing on creating a visually appealing and user-friendly website, I was able to demonstrate my expertise in web design and user experience, ultimately enhancing my portfolio and attracting new opportunities in the field. This project served as a testament to my capabilities as a web designer and highlighted the importance of showcasing successful projects to stand out in a competitive industry.

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Before & After

Experience the transformation firsthand and delve into this exclusive side-by-side comparison of the old website versus the innovatively revamped version.

Dilithium Real Estate 1 Before
Real Estate Website Design After