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To You (Music Video)

Music Video Editor

'To You' is a truly mesmerizing music video that beautifully captures the raw and intense emotions that come with heartbreak and the turmoil that often follows. The contemporary dance showcased in this video is simply breathtaking, serving as a powerful way to express the pain and sadness that can come with a breakup. Through its stunning visuals and captivating choreography, 'To You' offers a heartfelt glimpse into the powerful impact of lost love, making it a must-see for anyone who has ever experienced heartbreak.


Short Film


Writer, Director, Editor


September 11 2021


WATCH: To You (Music Video)

Set against stunning and picturesque backdrops, two women engage in a poignant dance that encapsulates the essence of their anguish and confusion following the end of a relationship. Through intricate movements and expressive choreography, they navigate the complexities of loss and introspection, allowing viewers to witness the raw emotions and vulnerability that accompany such moments of transition and self-discovery.

'To You' is a captivating visual representation of the profound impact of love and loss, conveyed through the universal language of movement and emotion." to break free from a toxic relationship. The video opens with Lily looking out of a window, gazing at the city lights that represent the possibilities and freedom she craves.