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Next to Me (Music Video)




Video Editor


December 1st 2021


It's new, it's exciting. It's... complicated.

Next to Me” presents a young gay love story, exploring the intricate dynamics of youthful love, focusing on two young men facing the thrilling yet daunting emotions tied to an emerging gay romance.

As they traverse these unknown emotional landscapes, both characters privately wrestle with fear and uncertainty. Framed through an enchanting music video, their journey illuminates the delicate ballet of feelings, vulnerabilities, and desires ignited when two hearts meet in a storm of passion and bewilderment.

Embarking on a voyage of self-discovery, valor, and love’s transformative influence amidst youth’s uncertain adventures, these protagonists paint a vivid portrait. “Next to Me” tells a poignant tale that will resonate deeply with anyone who has felt the tumultuous waves along love’s unpredictable path.

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