La Croix: A Delicious New [Summer] Twist Social Media Creative Christian Daniel January 19, 2024
Summertime Ad-ness

La Croix: A New Twist


20 May 2019


Video Editing, Motion Graphics


Food & Beverage

In the heat of the summer in 2019, I was honored to work with La Croix, the famed sparkling water brand, for their much-anticipated limited-edition summer flavor release. The goal was to create a captivating and straightforward short video advertisement to help push the product to its potential customers on social media.

Given the simplicity yet intensity of La Croix’s brand identity, I took the same route for this ad. Keeping in line with the refreshing concept of sparkling water, and the thrill associated with the introduction of a new summer-inspired flavor, the visual aspect of the ad was curated to embody lightness, refreshment, and excitement. A visually appealing palette, which married summer vibes with the refreshing characteristic of La Croix, was consistently maintained across the ad.

The ad resonated well with the social media audience, owing to its simple, clean yet eye-catching execution. It seamlessly embedded into the brand’s visual narrative while amplifying the message about the exciting new summer flavor. This project served as an epitome of how a simplistic approach, coupled with thoughtful and striking design elements, can effectively deliver a strong message in the dynamic digital sphere.

Overall, this project reinforced my expertise in designing intuitive and exciting social media video ads that not only attract attention but also drive engagement and desired actions.

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