Better User Experience
The Secret Behind PadHolder.com’s New Sales Boost: A Complete Makeover Christian Daniel December 31, 2023


Better User Experience

A Better User Experience

Working on the new Padholder.com, I held key responsibilities including designing and developing a new and better user experience and presently, managing and marketing the website. The online store offers a wide range of meticulously crafted stands and holders for iPads and similar devices that cater to diverse settings, such as hospitals and stores. My primary focus was on improving user experience on the site by greatly enhancing the website’s features and functionality. 


Completed, August 2022
Web Design, Development, Marketing, Maintenance
Manufacturing, Retail, E-commerce

A Better User Experience
Revamping Websites for Enhanced Business Returns

Challenges were present with the former website, such as its lack of intuitiveness and unfriendly user experience, coupled with the under-optimized search engine performance. In recognizing these, I formulated an objective of recreating a seamless, easy-to-navigate, and efficient digital interface while optimizing visibility to improve business returns.

Padholder.com (Before)

Padholder.com (AFTER)

Home is where the... overhaul is

The overhaul process began with the most frequented page: the homepage. Employing an attractive, user-friendly design to draw and engage visitors was a major emphasis in this revamp. Incorporating accessible dropdown menus, informative product banners, and client testimonials successfully boosted its appeal, ultimately stimulating greater interaction and traffic conversion.

Strategies to boost Padholder's visibility

Through content-driven blogging, paid social and PPC campaigns, we enhanced user engagement while effectively marketing our products.

Better User Experience

Organic SEO Strategy

Utilizing keywords and optimizing metadata in alignment with our marketing campaigns significantly improved the website's organic reach.

Better User Experience

A Better User Experience: A Success.

Through meticulous planning and careful execution, I’m proud to have overseen the successful reinvention of Padholder.com, affirming its place as a leader in the industry.

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