Wix E-commerce Development
Gorgefarmers.com: The New Online Farmer’s Market Christian Daniel January 14, 2024


21 APRIL 2022

Farming & Agriculture E-commerce Development

Roles & Responsibilities

As the leading mind behind this transformative project, my roles ranged from Developer to Designer, Webmaster, and Chief Marketer. Wearing these hats offered me a panoramic perspective on every development facet of GorgeFarmers.com.


The project’s objective was twofold: first, to overhaul the website for a richer, intuitive user experience, and second, to use the digital space as an effective tool for fulfilling GorgeFarmers.com’s mission of connecting local farmers to customers.


Wix E-commerce Development



In the older design, users grappled with a clunky user interface, displeasing color scheme and a lack of interactive features which reduced engagement.


From conceptualization to launch, meticulous planning was at the heart of this project. For a robust yet manageable content management system, I leaned into WordPress. The key element of this process was a complete redesign of the homepage – I worked to make it more visually appealing and user-friendly, ensuring easy access to shopping options for families, restaurants, and wholesalers.

Marketing Strategies

As the project’s chief marketer, I employed an assortment of techniques to propel Padholder.com to greater recognition and visibility. Harnessing the power of content, I orchestrated comprehensive blogging campaigns revolving around industry insights and product use-cases, supplemented by a vibrant email marketing strategy targeting our customers with exclusive deals, updates, and tips.

SEO Strategies

Aligning with marketing efforts, the project leveraged effective SEO strategies for heightened search engine visibility. My techniques included precise keyword utilization, backlink generation, and on-page optimization that directly impacted organic traffic growth.

This multi-layered approach for the redevelopment of GorgeFarmers.com project played an instrumental role in creating a compelling, convenient, and efficient online farmer’s market run by local farmers. From meticulous web design to data-driven marketing campaigns and astute SEO tactics, each aspect of my involvement added significant value to the project. This extensive experience underscores my versatile proficiency and ability to drive and deliver robust web solutions.

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